COVID-19 Compliance Officer/Health & Safety Supervisor

-Create & Implement COVID Safety Protocols (non-union).

-Implement Return to Work  (RTW) for union productions.

-Oversee and train small and large compliance teams.

-Safely traveling productions domestically and internationally.

-Testing Coordination for entire production including talent, staff, crew and guests. 

-Pre production, general and daily safety briefings for cast and crew.

-Create, coordinate and collect health declarations.

-Provide location risk assessments/scouting. Work with venue staff to implement COVID safety protocol.

-Daily production COVID-19 compliance reports. 

-Implement onset safety protocols as well as set/location sanitation. 

-Initiate and supervise contact tracing. 

-Order and maintain PPE and sanitation supplies.

-Budget reporting of COVID Compliance expenses. 

Lead COVID Compliance Officer

GETTING CURIOUS series with Jonathan Van Ness for NETFLIX.

Lead COVID Compliance Officer/Testing Coordinator

SPINNING GOLD Feature Film, Hero Entertainment

Lead COVID Compliance Officer

FOODWAYS, International Food & Travel Show with Chef Carla Hall DISCOVERY+

Lead COVID Compliance Officer

5 GUYS A WEEK, Reality Dating Series for LIFETIME

Heath & Safety Supervisor

CHALLENGERS, (NY Shoots) Feature Film MGM

Lead COVID Compliance Officer


Lead COVID Compliance Officer

FOUL PLAY, On-Line Murder Mystery Series With Andrew Barth Feldman,TBD Productions

Lead COVID Compliance Officer

NYC Publicity Tours for PREMIERE TV


MUSIC VIDEOS/Lead COVID Compliance Officer:

FAKE FRIEND -Nothing Nowhere (Artist)/Vizionary Prod. - Dec 20     HOLD SOMEBODY - guccihighwater (Artist)/Vizionary Prod. - Jan ’21

Lead COVID Compliance Officer - Condé Nast NYU/Stern Shoot - Oct ‘22
Lead COVID Compliance Officer - Remy Martin Commercial - Malka Prods. - Jul ’22
Lead COVID Compliance Officer - Condé Nast Traveler Erin Flora (Sr. Editor) Green Screen Shoot - OverThe Edge Prods. - Jul ’22
Lead COVID Compliance Officer - IS THAT BLACK ENOUGH FOR YOU? - Whoopee Goldberg shoot forElvis Mitchell’s Netflix Documentary - Dec ’21
Lead COVID Compliance Officer - TS MADISON - Tiffany Pollard Shoot - WE TV Jan ‘21 


Health Education Services - Covid-19 Compliance Officer Certificate

Safe Sets International - COVID-19 Certificate Level A. COVID-19 Leadership Certificate Level B

Georgia Film Academy - COVID-19 General Prevention, On-Set  Production COVID-19 Compliance, Craft Service: COVID-19 Compliance , Production Office: COVID-19 Compliance, Art Department: COVID-19 Compliance, Hair & Makeup: COVID-19 Compliance, Sound Department: COVID-19 Compliance, Costume Department: COVID-19 Compliance, Grips & Electricians: COVID-19 Compliance, Camera Professionals: COVID-19 Compliance

HASSA - Food & Beverage: Takeout, Pickup & Delivery - Health & Sanitation Safety  Awareness - Manager

OSHA 10 Hour General Industry Outreach 

OSHA 30 Hour General Industry Outreach (in process)

WHO COVID-19 Mass Gatherings Risk Assessment Training

COVID-19 Contact Tracing Course by John Hopkins University (in process)

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